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How to: eat vegan

When I went in and recently got my new tattoo wearing my ‘Don’t have a cow, man’ t-shirt’ the tattoo artist asked me if I was vegetarian. I told him that I am vegan. I was met with the response that I have heard only too often to this question: ‘oh I could never do […]

How and Why I Went Vegan

I’m vegan. I never thought I would write that. Last Christmas, a had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings; this Christmas we cooked a delicious nut roast. Over the past year, my relationship with food has changed dramatically. I haven’t eaten meat since 1st January 2016 and have been mostly vegan since May. But […]

10 items for your Vegan pantry

As a vegan, there is no doubt that your home is consistently filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. While produce is essential to making healthy and varied meals, it’s also important to keep your pantry stocked with basic staples. It will give you more options for cooking nutritious and delicious meals even when the fridge is looking empty. Here are […]

Welcome to Reasonably Vegan

Welcome to Reasonably Vegan, a blog about vegan travel, recipes, lifestyle, and more! It’s brought to you by Jess and Alan. We hope you enjoy it!

From Vegetarian to Vegan

Vegetari-what? Coming from an Italian Australian background, my childhood was full of BBQs and pizza days, filled with meat. I became vegetarian when I was around 12 years old. We didn’t have any vegetarians in the family (I’m not sure that my some of my relatives really grasped what a vegetarian was).  I always hated the taste of […]