Welcome to Reasonably Vegan

Welcome to Reasonably Vegan, a blog about vegan travel, recipes, lifestyle, and more! It’s brought to you by Jess and Alan. We hope you enjoy it!

Being ‘reasonably vegan’ is about making the biggest difference to your impact and life without being self-righteous. It’s a diet with no place for meat, fish, or milk, but one that won’t rule out the odd egg if it came from your pet hen. Reasonable vegans consider and care about what they’re eating, but they also question what they’re reading. They might eat polenta your girlfriend’s 93-year-old nonna made, even though it’s probably got cheese in it. If you come over for dinner with a bottle of red wine, they’ll drink it. They’ll encourage you to try the vegan cakes they’ve made and dispel the myths that all vegans smug and sanctimonious.

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This site is:

  • An encouragement to go vegan or vegetarian, not an admonishment. We love carrots, not sticks.
  • A support network for aspiring vegans with guides to changing your diet, helpful lists of vegan-friendly foods and what to avoid.
  • A place plan your next vegan adventure with our helpful travel guides.
  • A collection of affordable recipes for things you will actually want to cook and eat.
  • A confirmation that yes, you can live without cheese.

This site is not:

  • Another place for flaky, unscientific writing encouraging you to detox, anti-oxidise and re-align your chakras.
  • Another collection of expensive recipes for quinoa salad.
  • Full of questionable product recommendations and sponsorships.

Special thanks to vegan friends who helped with advice and support: Donna Shields, Dan Douglas, and Nikki Green (for whenever she admits defeat and gives up meat entirely!) Thanks also to our families and friends for their support and encouragement.

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